Our Time As Parents

Overall our time with Harold, Gerald and our fish was well spent. We had many laughs and a few scares but overall it was a good learning experience for us. Both of us had taken care of pets before so we had an idea of what the responsibilities were going to entail, but there were other things that we were not familiar with so there were learning curves along the way. Caring for turtles and fish is a bit different than caring for a dog or a cat. But after we got into a schedule and knew what we were doing, it ran pretty smoothly overall. Another bonus is that they didn’t die! ūüėČ

Week 1

In this week’s post ‚ÄúThis is just the beginning‚ÄĚ we had learned about what kind of turtles we were looking after which were red-eared slider turtles. We found out about what kind of habitat they need to survive and what kind of foods we need to give them or can give them. This also included the temperature we needed to have the water at in order for them to survive.

Britt ireland

Weeks 2

We officially became new parents! We organized a time schedule to start feeding these little guys, and for when we need to clean the tank. We fed them 12 turtle pellets every second day a well as a pinch of fish food for the two fish that was also in the tank. This is when we also decided to add more fish to this ecosystem to add more organisms and stimulate the turtles brain activity.

turtle 1 turtle 2

Week 3

In this week we took a trip to Petsmart to get our new fish, hence the title ‚ÄúHere Fishy Fishy‚ÄĚ. We bought nine more fish, 4 smaller fish and 5 bigger fish. We bought a little decoration to go into the tank for the fish to hide in, incase the turtles get mean. We kept them in their bag floating on top of the water just so that they could get used to the new temperature so they wouldn’t go into shock. After three hours of floating we had finally released them into their new home!

Week 4

Rip fishy says it all, the turtles ate the 4 little fish that we had added into the tank. The other 5 have survived so far and seem to be doing well. The turtles seem to be more active and interested in the new life that we added to the tank and all seems to be doing well.

Week 5

Scrub-a-dub-dub! This week we cleaned the tank for the first time. This was a learning experience for both of us as we had never taken care of this type of situation before but all went well. While removing water, we left the fish in the tank with a enough water for them to swim around in and let the turtles roam around the classroom.

Week 6

This is the first week that we were Settling in. Everything was slowing down and we were getting into the swing of things. Nothing rather eventful happened this week and we just spent this time getting to know our children.

Week 7

On the post “I Work Out!”, the turtles got lots of exercise this week. We let them out on two separate days to roam around the classroom.

Week 8

I think the turtles are on Replay, this was just another ordinary week. Nothing super exciting occurred and the turtles and fish are still doing well!

Week 9

The tank was getting super dirty so we decided to clean it this week. We removed the water and cleaned out the bottom of the tank by syphoning out of the tube.

Week 10

In this week’s post, Who Turned the Lights Out?!, we returned from the weekend to find that the power had gone out which had caused a surge in the school and made the tank filters turn off. So once we got over that speed bump, we continued with the regularly scheduled programming.

Week 11

Oops it did it again! There was yet another power outage in town which caused the filters to act up and shut off. As well the lightbulbs in the tank had burnt out too.


Oops it did it again…The Power went out!

After this long weekend we had returned to find that once again the power had went out which caused the filters to stop working. We believe this is also the reason that the light bulbs burnt out. We topped up the water level in the tank this week too. All of the fish have survived thus far and are rapidly growing. We still feed them every second day and let the turtles get their weekly walk around the classroom.

Who Turned The Lights out?!

Over the weekend, the power went out which caused the filters to stop working. So when we got back to school on Monday, the water was very dirty. We syphened the tank and got all of the excess feces and skin that has been shed by the animals. During this time we let the turtles walk around the classroom and get their weekly exercise. We kept up with the feeding schedule except we fed them twice on Thursday because it was a long weekend.